I am thrilled to be partnering with extraordinary leadership development coach and facilitator Jeana Marinelli to develop a series of workshops and individual coaching based on The Person You Mean to Be: How Good People Fight Bias. She is my #1 choice for bringing the ideas of the book to life and I am so delighted she said yes to taking our workshops on the road and into the world.

Jeana combines an understanding of the science of bias with world-class facilitation prowess and a deep commitment to social justice to create powerful and brave learning experiences. As a coach, teacher, and consultant, Jeana is a master at creating learning spaces filled with the joy and discomforts of engaging in topics like race, inequity, and bias. 

Here is a very typical testimonial from one of Jeana’s leadership development workshops:


“Jeana is a master at demonstrating the power of authentic practice over preaching. Whether in a large group or an individual interaction, she encourages vulnerable, honest conversation with ease and provides ample opportunities to actually apply and reflect on practical strategies in real time. Her intentionality and attention to nuances truly sets her apart as a facilitator and coach.”


If you are interested in a workshop or individual coaching based on my book, Jeana can be reached at