Leadership in Organizations

Why do some talented MBAs succeed, while others, equally talented, flounder in their first post-MBA jobs? Why do some leaders prove effective, while others do not? Why do some organizations thrive while others get in their own way? LiO tackles these questions.

This course will help you recognize the key factors that contribute to effectiveness within an organization, and the role you can play in helping your organizations be successful. You will develop skills to analyze and navigate your current and future organizational lives, using your past, current, and potential work experiences as key learning material. The course is based on the premise that, regardless of your position within an organization, leadership opportunities and challenges present themselves every day and that it is to your advantage to recognize and make the most of these opportunities. It is also based on the premise that effective leadership requires an in-depth understanding of how organizations work, and an in-depth understanding of how to work with and through other people.

Given these goals and premises, we will:

  1. Introduce models of how effective leaders influence, motivate, and build teams.
  2. Explore the role of organizational structure and culture, and the importance of alignment.
  3. Learn how to analyze the social dynamics within organizations.
  4. Practice diagnosing complex problems and working effectively in teams.
  5. Highlight the choices available to you as a leader, and the potential impact of the choices you make.