Through NYU, I teach undergraduate, full-time MBA, part-time MBA, executive education, and incarcerated students. Here are brief descriptions of courses I have taught in recent years:

Photos from my work with the NYU Prison Education Program

What Former Students Are Saying

“Stern has a collaborative culture, and it has been great to see the creativity, business results, and relationships that can grow in that environment. One professor in particular has made a major impact on my leadership style — Dr. Dolly Chugh, in our Management department. Professor Chugh models leadership. She also encourages us to think big in terms of the jobs we take after Stern, and provides concrete tools to help us achieve that.”
— executive coach Lenore Champagne-Beirne, MBA Mama, Medium

“Dolly Chugh’s Leadership In Organizations helped prep me for my summer internship experience and see ways to craft the role that would provide the most value for both myself and Women Make Movies.”
— film producer/director Ronica Reddick, 2016 Best MBAs, Poets & Quants

“This semester I took a course in Managerial Skills, taught by the illustrious Professor Dolly Chugh. … The class was not really about hard skills — it was about personal development. The words “growth” and “journey” frequently populated the course learnings, and yet I take away an additional one-word meaning: humanity. … The other most important thing I learned this semester was to really embrace the growth mindset. It was never expected that I have it all figured out — just that I develop awareness of my current position and try to build on it. It was expected, though, that I translate that awareness and growth mindset to my whole life even outside of class.”
The Human Side of the Working World, Pleading Inzanity

“[Dolly Chugh] advised us to identify our short-term and long-term priorities and to put people or things in place to help us align our actions to those priorities. This advice has been so valuable at school because there are so many interesting things going on all of the time that I’ve had to find a way to say no to the things that don’t align with my priorities. It’s not easy for me to say no but it has become a lot more manageable because I know that I’m saying no in order to stick to what matters most to me in life.”
— McKinsey consultant Jennifer Wynn, Women at Business School, Financial Times